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This will only take you a few seconds but can save you $$$ in down time and repairs. Walk all the way around your car, look at the tires, light lenses, and moldings. Look for paint chips, door dings etc. In doing so you become intimate with your car and can see changes right away before they become a problem. Low tire pressure or a missing molding may be obvious, however, paint chips may not, and looking after them right away with touch up paint can keep your car looking like new for many years. Ignoring them promotes rust that will seriously devalue your investment.

Don’t wait until your remote entry battery is dead to find out that your door lock cylinder is seized. Use your key in the door at least once a week to keep it working properly, and don’t forget the trunk/hatch!

Check the tire pressure! 95% of vehicles that come in for service have low tire pressure. This can result in poor handling, increased fuel consumption, prematurely worn tires or an outright flat! So there you are, stuck at the side of the road, waiting for a tow because the spare was also flat!

Got a TPMS? (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) some systems allow you to check the pressure through the instrument cluster. Consult your operator’s manual.

Otherwise, buy yourself a good tire pressure gauge and keep it in the glove box. Check the lights, horn and windshield washer. HINT: many gas stations have convex mirrors for security, if you watch them you can check all your lights.  Alternatively, when you are out shopping, park in front of a glass door or large window, look in your mirror and you can check your lights in the reflection.

Check all* the fluid levels with the engine cold and off and the vehicle on level ground. These include engine oil, engine coolant (antifreeze), washer fluid, brake fluid and power steering fluid.

*On older 911’s the oil is checked at operating temperature, engine running at idle, automatic transmission fluid for most cars is checked in the same fashion. Some vehicles do not have a dipstick and must be checked at a specified temperature, elevated on a hoist. When in doubt, consult the operator’s manual or contact us for more information

Lubricate door locks and hinges, hood latches and hinges, trunk lock and hinges