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Do we…………………………….?               YES!

Without being too facetious, that is the answer.  We could fill the page with the information on the services we provide, like shocks, brakes, axles, clutch repair etc. It makes for a very boring read.  It’s much easier to list the services that we do not* provide!

Services that we do not* provide

We do not*:

  • Repair automatic transmissions
  • Do emissions testing
  • Do alignments

*Although we do not provide these services ourselves, we have competent neighboring shops that do. Over the years we have built up a strong and trusting relationship with them that gives us confidence in the finished product.

A note about new car warranties

Quite often, clients have heard the dealer say, that, “In order to maintain your warranty the car must be serviced by the dealer.”

This is a common misconception propagated by the dealer network to secure your wallet. If you were to look through the owner’s manual under the new car warranties, you will not find any statements similar to the one above.  In fact it does state that independent repair facilities can service your vehicle while under warranty. Therefore, any services that you would normally pay for at the dealer can be performed wherever you wish as long as the factory maintenance schedule is followed with approved fluids and parts. It’s your dollar, so it’s your choice.